Hair Services Menu, hair cuts and hair color

Menu of Hair Services:

Hair cut, curly hair

Haircuts $40 – $50

  • Women’s Haircut:  $50;
  • Men’s Haircut:  $40;

Complimentary scalp and shoulder massage!

Color Services:

professional hair color

Color: $75 +

  • All over Color:  $95 (new growth only: $75);
  • Foils:  $75 – $95;
  • Balayage: $100+
  • Haircut and Color/Foils:  $135 ($10 discount!);

Complimentary hand and arm massage!

Other Services:

  • Shampoo and Style:  $40;
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment:  $20;
  • Express Gloss: $15;

Call (805) 324-7950 or email today to schedule any one or a combination of these services!


Can we talk about my hair?

Absolutely!  We’ll conduct a full consultation before we start your services.  Please bring in pictures from magazines, Pinterest, people on the street, anything that will give me a good idea of the look you’re going for.  I will tailor that image to your face shape and texture.

What products do you use?

AG Hair

93-98% naturally derived

Mira Bella features Kevin Murphy and Alterna Hair Care products.  I prefer the AG Hair Care Natural line.  it’s infused with at least 93% naturally derived botanicals and apple cider vinegar.  I wish you could smell it through your computer,   I’ve still got L’anza Healing Color that will leave your hair in better condition than when we started.  I’d recommend the L’anza Healing Treatment after any Decolorizing service to restore the keratin bonds that might be damaged during the process.

Can I go without products?

Of course you can. I like to use a minimal amount of product to achieve the results you’re looking for, that being said, you can’t get abundant volume without a little help.  You also can’t get super smooth hair, without using a little product.

Can I skip the blow dry?

Sure.  This is a new concept to me!  I moved from the frozen tundra so drying your hair was definitely required in temperatures 32 to -50 degrees. There is an interesting YouTube video on what happens to hair in those temps, but no, here in Santa Barbara, it’s not required.  Although there isn’t a discount for skipping this step of your service.