Product Sales

It’s been a difficult couple of months. I was thinking about how best to help you (my clients) while I’m unable to provide services behind the chair. I’ve really struggled to find products that best fit my mission statement to provide the highest quality with the most natural ingredients.

Organic Hair care

I went back to a brand that I tried eons ago, Simply Organic Hair care. They have rebranded, updated and expanded their products. Most importantly, they reached out in support of Hair Stylists (me) in what has been the most transformative time for my business. Here are a couple of products I think you’ll be very interested in using.


Holistic hair tribe has a couple of shampoos I think you’ll like. Oway Curly Hair Bath shampoo has licorice extract, crabwood oil and coconut in it for moisturizing, curl enhancing and frizz reducing,. The Curly Hair Bath product is pretty rich and best for thick hair and might be too much for medium to fine texture.

For medium to fine hair, Silk and Glow give you all the benefits of the Curly Hair Bath, but with a lighter touch. The key ingredients here are Oat Protein for strength, Organic CupuaƧu Butter for moisture, and Brazil Nut Oil for anti-frizz.

I don’t want to leave out my color clients, Oway has the perfect shampoo, Color Protection Hair Bath. Red Vine provides antioxidants to protect, Goji Berry for oxidative protection, and delicate cleansing agents. If you use these product links, don’t forget to use my PARTNER CODE HHT3075 at checkout to get $5 off.


The Curly Hair Mask (that’s what Oway calls cream conditioner) is the companion to the Curly Hair Bath. It contains the same natural ingredients as well as Macadamia Nut Oil for shine and smoothing. Again, great if you have really thick curls, you might want to opt for something lighter if your hair is fine. In that case, I would recommend Frequent Use Conditioner. The main benefit is that it nourishes and moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. Key ingredients include Lemon, White Tea Extract, and Aniseed Extract. These will give you healthy shiny hair – everyday. Again, if you’re clicking on the product links above, don’t forget to put my Partner Code: HHT3075 in at checkout!

Light natural conditioner.

Color Enhancing Conditioners

Here is something I know you’ll love, color enhancing conditioners! It might be a little late now. You might have and inch or so of new growth, but rather than reach for box color, order a Hmelt Mask to blend away grey and increase the longevity of your color service. I’ve linked to chestnut, but there are lots of shades to choose from including some fun (temporary) fashion colors.

Color enhancing conditioner


I know, Olaplex is the opposite of organically derived hair products, but I get a lot of requests for it. They’ve been really supportive of hair stylists while we’ve been out of work. So here’s a link to their products if you have a lot of damage from color processing (did you use box color?) or breakage from previous blonding services. I have a couple of clients who have felt that their hair was physically repaired to its previous condition from using Olaplex. I will still be able to provide the Olaplex Service in the salon going forward, but if you would like to try the shampoo, conditioner and the new No.7 bonding oil, please use my affiliate link so I can get a little extra income while I’m out of the shop. Thanks, you’re the best.

No.7 Bonding Oil from Olaplex

I hope these products can tide you over until I can get back into the shop. Hopefully they will let us get back to work really soon. I have a list of clients who are waiting to get in, if you’d like to be included on the first call list, email me and let me know how you’d like to be notified. Miss your face.

Sarah Kelly