News for P3 Hair Design: New PUPPY!

Good News

My last blog post was really sad.  I felt, at the time that I really needed to chime in on all the disasters going on in the city.  We all suffered a little PTSD after the devastation.  I felt like I couldn’t really express my grief over my dog Louie, when so many others had lost so much more.  The good news is that I was able to heal just a little bit more when I adopted my new puppy, Tali.

bmd, mesadogs, new puppy, santa barbara puppies

Taliesin “Tali”

Puppy Spot

I wasn’t really shopping for a new puppy. I was just Googling around.  Patrick had checked all the Bernese Mountain Dog puppies available through the AKC, but none of them really felt like the right dog for us until I found I saw a couple of cute puppies, but none of them really touched me until I saw “Maggie”.

BMD puppy, new puppy, mesa dogs, santa barbara dogs

I just knew this was my Tali

New Puppy

Look at that face, LOOK AT IT! Those eyes, that pink snoot, and the fluff, just look at her.  She is gorgeous.  Well, I was smitten.  Patrick was like, “Are you sure you’re ready?”  And I said “Are you sure you’re ready?  She’s going to be essentially your dog. You’re the one who’s going to be home with her all day.  Are you sure?” “Let’s do it!” I’m telling you, I pressed a button on my computer and a week later I had a puppy.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  I was contacted by a puppy concierge in about 20 minutes.  I gave them my credit card and next thing I know, I’m going to LAX Delta Live Cargo to pick up my new puppy.  Shut The Front Door!

Tally Ho!?

No, just no.  Tali is short for Taliesin.  Frank Lloyd Wright’s home in Spring Green Wisconsin. FLLW also has a home in Scottsdale, Arizona called Taliesin West. I’m a huge FLLW nerd.  I’ve been to Taliesin a couple of times.  We have a HUGE picture of it in our home.  Patrick has a poster of his studio in his office.  It’s a little over the top, I know. Fandom has no bounds.

Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin

What has any of this got to do with hair?

Well, nothing really.  It’s just an excuse to share pictures of the cutest puppy that ever lived.  My apologies to Zoe and Louie.  They were great dogs in their own right. However, Tali came fully formed right out of the crate.  This dog has prescient knowledge that I just can’t explain.  She knew her name (remember, the breeder named her Maggie?).  She was house broken, sit, and down, okay, she could use a little work on stay and come, but wow.  I don’t know about your dog, but my dog can see about 3 to 5 steps ahead of things.  She grabs other dog’s leashes at the park before they have a chance to get away.  She begs for scraps from the couch, because it’s closer to the dining table.  See what I mean?

BMD, Tali, new puppy, mesa dogs, santa barbara dogs

Tali the mountain dog

So that’s what’s new with me.  Please come in to see me and I’ll tell you about the rest of my family, but I’ll show your the most recent pictures of my new puppy.

Carpe Diem

Sarah Kelly

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