Sarah Kelly and P3 Hair Design on the Mesa in Santa Barbara

I’m Sarah Kelly (DBA P3 Hair Design)

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I think it’s time to RETIRE.

March 4, 2021: This was the hardest decision I’ve made, since closing my shop in Minnesota and moving to California. It’s time. I feel like another statistic of the COVID-19 employment crisis and it breaks my heart that I can’t be more resilient. However, I’m looking forward to a more relaxed life.

Thank you for checking back for all these months. Thanks for trying to hang in with me, while we all suffered whiplash over the openings and closings of Salon services statewide. I appreciate you waiting for me, for us all to get vaccinated. So much gratitude for your business and interest in my life.

Throwing in the towel!

I’ve made a lot of friends here in Santa Barbara thanks to this job and I will continue to serve my friends and family the best way I know how, with food and laughter. Much love to you all. ~ Sarah

Check with the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department for the most update information.

Wishing you and your family continued good health. See you around.

Curly heal thyself

I am a curly girl who understands the challenges of keeping and maintaining naturally curly hair.  The hair cut is the most important element.  I’ll give you precision layers to keep curls in a natural hair formation and avoid ‘the shrub’ or the ‘triangle’ effect (unless that’s what you want, and I’m okay with that).  I cut hair wet, taking into account the texture and shape of each curl.

My specialty is Curly Hair, but I enjoy working with all textures of Men’s and Women’s Hair. I offer custom, dimensional color services too.  Mira Bella has Alterna Hair Care and Kevin Murphy products, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products available. 

Styling and Color Products

However, in keeping with my mission to provide high quality organically sourced products I was using AG Hair products.  AG Hair is 93-98% plant based and naturally derived.   I’m very interested in using Simply Organic Hair Care. Holistic Hair Tribe has been super supportive during the crisis and I’d like to move in to the 21st century and allow clients to purchase products online, as needed, but still see some personal benefit. If you like any of the products I’ve used on your hair, I’d be happy to get them for you.  I’m still using  L’anza Healing Color.  Your hair will look and feel better then before your color service!

Here is what people are saying about P3 Hair:
Curly Hair Cuts
Stephanie has curls

“As a girl with curls, finding a good stylist can be difficult. Sarah was so welcoming and was able to squeeze me in at the last minute. She was excited to work with my curls and took the time to really learn how I like to wear my hair. With quick and precise hands, Sarah gave me an elegant, easy to manage style that works perfectly for me.”

– Stephanie S via Yelp

Best Haircut
Megan loved her service

“Possibly the best haircut of my life. Sarah listened to all my wishes, even when I was confused myself! I got 6 inches chopped off and the short style looked fantastic.”

– Megan M via Yelp

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